I Illuminate new paths forward
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Artist & Equity AdvisorArtist & Equity Advisor

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Consultant

I am an artist, community leader, and advisor who focuses on creating community power and vision building through diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.


It’s time to reach for radiance.

With the skills and the strategies I offer through my Learning How to SHINE Interactive Training Program—as well as my other consulting services—an inclusive, radiant, welcoming culture is within reach for your organization.

Workshops & Trainings

One-on-One Coaching

Mission-Vision Articulation

About Me

Shining a bright light on inequities.

Transparency, authenticity, illumination—these are the principles that guide my work as a performing artist. They’re also the principles that guide my work as an equity advisor.

I work with focus, diligence, and sensitivity to shed light on overt and covert forms of racism within organizations, offering up strategies and resources to my clients so they can combat prejudices directly.

Above all, I’m a trust-seeker, and a bridge-builder—someone who cultivates true spaces of belonging and sanctuary.

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Ready to reach for radiance?

The way ahead can be rocky, steep, and uncertain. You need an experienced guide with you—someone to illuminate the path forward.

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