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Like light, I’m both wave and particle—a true multi-hyphenate. I’m a consultant, a performer, a choreographer, and a director, but above all, I’m an instigator. A change agent who makes opportunities for belonging and genuine connection between different people.


I'm an award-winning equity advisor & artist.

I am a performing artist, choreographer, director, writer, teacher and activist based in Columbia, South Carolina. I’ve been a driving force in the theatre and dance communities of South Carolina for many years, forging important conversations through my work.

My original work is rooted in healing and conversation particularly on issues of social justice and identity. I work as a director, choreographer and movement coach with 20 years of professional experience in both dance and theatre.

In 2019, utilizing my years of experience in arts education and community activism as an independent teaching artist and administrative consultant, I created a program entitled Learning How to Shine – a six step process geared towards a more three dimensional approach to the reframing of progress inside of institutions, companies and organizations of all kinds to include embracing equity in policy, procedure and culture.

I seek to provide space for original stories and the uplifting of underrepresented and marginalized voices. I am actively working towards dismantling oppressive systems through the facilitation of panel discussions, performances, and workshops aimed at Equity, Anti-Racism, Diversity and Inclusivity.

Creative & Consulting Projects

My work, spanning theater, dance, & consulting.


Vibrations Dance Company

Artistic Director, Principal Choreographer

The Black Man. . .Complex

Original Production, Creative Director, Director, Choreographer, Costume Designer

School Residency Programs

DEI Work, Arts Integration, Program Coordinator & Director


Original Production, Writer, Director, Choreographer


Original Production, Writer, Director, Choreographer

Hold On

Original Production


Original Production, Choreographer


Original Production, Writer, Director, Choreographer
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