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Original Production, Writer, Director, Choreographer

Premiered March 18, 2022 at Koger Center for the Arts.

My original work tends to be episodic which is a direct result of my creative process which I’ve learned to truly covet over the years. The journey towards creation is precious and it’s important for me to establish community, create a shared language that informs the vision, empowering the group to make informed choices in a space of safety and build with all of that as the foundation. The journey towards creating something from nothing is what I love most about being an artist. When the collaborative process is centered around inclusivity the work can be embodied on a whole different level.

Being. Episodic, a journey of healing. The title is a take on human being as well as states of being. What it means to ‘BE’. Time, moments, and reflections, feelings.

Being envious versus being inspired. Being sad, anxious, confused. Choices and perspectives. Being a positive influence. Being a good friend. Being an example. Being true to ourselves. Being simply who we are. Embracing who we’re meant to be. Simply ‘Being who we are’ as a revolutionary act.

I believe as Nina Simone famously said that it’s our responsibility as artist to reflect our times. This work is a reflection of my questioning of what it means to be a human being in these times. A reckoning of self, facing a world of uncertainty and turmoil.

The human spirit infected. Melting into fury and Decaying into dust. Words and meaning withering away. Misery burning into raging despair and mistrust.

A recognition of self and A rebirth of humanity into culture, community, place hood. Cultivating ecosystems of truth and belonging. The connectivity of creativity.

A frequency, a vibe, electric blues, the rhythm of life, the boom Kat, the kat kitty Kow. Awakening Understanding, being SEEN.

Being empowered into purpose. Eventually Wading in the waters of healing. Breathing. Seeing. Being.

Re-imagining, re-defining, reaching, beholding, affirming, returning.

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