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An image of Terrance Henderson speaking at a rally at the Columbia, SC statehouse.

I connect organizations with the strategies and the resources they need to combat racism and cultivate authentic spaces of welcome and support.

Individual Services

My DEI Advising Services

Reach out to me directly at with questions. I’m also available for guest lectures, panel moderation, focus group facilitation, and much more.


Workshops & Trainings

Discussion groups, skill building, and action plan development with the entire team.


One-on-One Coaching

Helping organizational leaders address past challenges & cultivate new skills through private consults.


Mission-Vision Articulation

Retooling organizational language with principles of diversity, equity, & inclusion in mind.


Action Plan Development

Devising a detailed, achievable, long-range action plan that fulfills Mission-Vision aims.


Conflict Mediation

Addressing harm &  guiding parties in conflict toward meaningful, sustainable resolutions.



Developing tactics for engaging with the public, the media, & your constituents during trying times.

Training Program

Learning to SHINE Interactive Training Program

This multi-step, interactive program teaches DEI fundamentals and is designed to cultivate safe, diverse, and inclusive spaces. It is rooted in a practice called “Centering,” which is comprised of the three core components below.

Bridging the Gap


Understanding the experiences of your organization’s staff, and the experiences of the community members that you serve.

Talking the Talk


Developing the language that you need to articulate and address your experiences as well as your grievances.

Walking the Walk


Acknowledging harm, and developing a viable action plan to heal past wounds and create more equitable, inclusive spaces.

Terrance Henderson is not just a fabulous leader and facilitator of DEI work but is a wonderful human being. Terrance truly listened to and evaluated the needs of our organization without judgement and built a plan specifically for the theatre. He is open to real time thoughts and past experiences during workshops and uses them as a catalyst for discussion and policy change. His commitment to the work extends beyond his workshops, he plants seeds for change and action within the organization.

Jessica Francis Fichter
Executive Director, Trustus Theatre
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